$CAPR @Lionmaster i want to thank you lion for mention game theory and how it pertains to making extraordinary profit in capricor. I know 95% have no idea what he’s talking About when he mentions game theory. The way an investor feel about a stocks is called emotion or sentiments. The lion.com/ is a sentiment gathering su platforms, its able to gather millions of investors sentiments. The way to make profit is now how you feel about a stock but how 1 million plus people feel about the stocks and go with that. If @Lionmaster id able to predict how million of traders sentiments about $CAPR in the next 7 days, if we would trade how the stock is going to behave in the 7 days in the future. He has cracked the code. By investing into $CAPR now, we would be predicting how millions millions feel about the stocks months in advance. That’s the #gametheory he’s talking about.
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