$WTER Down 20% in 2 days since ER. You may not like what I post, but if you had sold just before closing last Thursday like I suggested you'd be thanking me. Even if I had been wrong, any big move up was unlikely because emotional bull sentiment was already factored in. As I've said before, this biz makes money and shifty board blows it. This stock only moves on rev PR that attracts emotional traders that think revenues are the only thing involved in making a business profitable. If you can't keep expenses under control. And unexplained "non-recurring" expenses that just keep "recurring" every qrtr, just listed as some other unexplained expense is unforgivable. The probability that a major co. would buyout such a shifty co. is unlikely, the possibility of an SEC investigation is just over the horizon. You may love this company, it is growing, but as an investment, there are much better and less risky stocks to invest in. Not sayn having a few shrs is bad, but don't put all ur eggs here
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