$MVIS My investigation has led me a new suspect. I tailed the subject in his purple PT Cruiser in the rain as he pulled into parking lot of a Pancho’s Mexican Buffet. He StoppedOut in front a shaved ice stand, and entered the small shack. I assumed all they did was sell snow cones here, but upon closer inspection, I saw a paper sign taped to window with the name “Gujjar Finance”. A UPS driver pulled up to deliver the man a package. The rain severely damaged the integrity of the package, and it ripped open as he was handing it to the man. A large quantity of silicon shafted objects of assorted colors came tumbling out of the box. The UPS man, embarrassed, began stuttering UPS Man: “P…P…Package for a Mr. Felix GayToo? Man: It’s pronounced Gato. UPS man: *Looks at the ground* “….Could have fooled me” I left the scene, having gathered all the information I needed. It seems I have uncovered an organization that partakes in questionable bearish activities.
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