$AMPE Anyone know anything about Ampion? scienceopen.com/document_fi... I'm doubting its efficacy against COVID; especially since their only published trials show a change in pain response at 30 and 84 days; with 84 days showing a "statistically significant trend." Granted, it was a single, 4mL injection, but it also took 84 days to show signs of efficacy. How did they determine this wasn't an anomaly in their data? They gave a P value, but their sample size was 42 patients. clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show... Estimated Study Completion Date: November 13, 2020 It may be a while before we hear anything from them about it. Tocilizumab is already being used to address the cytokine storm. Ampion, which is somewhat like Albumin, would help with albumin-deficiencies caused by COVID infections, but I'm not sure what good it does against the cytokine storm. See here: sciencedirect.com/science/a...
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