$GNUS If Bears could do math, they wouldn't be Bears ... but then again, all Bears are democrats, and all democrats are retarded, so there's that. Do you have an individual Price Target? I want to make $160,000. To reach that, after this upcoming Friday, I will need the Stock Price to be $15.60. I hold 10,045 shares, looking to add another 200. $15.60 seems a stretch, according to all the Bears. Okay. Fine. Under $10 is certainly more likely. At $9.62, I can acquire that $160,000. Just would need 18,000 shares. This is if THE PRICE DOES NOT CHANGE. Still too high? How about 21,000 shares at $8.50? How about 27,000 shares at $7.00? LOL by all means, PLEASE keep Shorting and manipulating this down further so these EXTRA shares are even easier to acquire. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
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