$SOLO I am sure she is very nice, but I was expecting much more from the CFO in the way of solid information. I would have been happy to just hear an updated backlog even with the caveat that these deposits do not insure an order as they are refundable. But with that number we could assess what interest we have. Considering they once reported a backlog, I see no reason they have not reported any updates. I would imagine at the investors presentation that may be revealed. I can't see ANY large investor having any interest in investing without knowing exactly what the backlog is, when deliveries start, status of large commercial accounts, and status of the new assembly plant site selection. I am hopeful that this next event is why they chose not to reveal just yet, perhaps that IS the strategy. Let the stock languish some, allow the big investors in then the general public get the (hopefully) outstanding news and the stock Flys. Making a those new investors happy.
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