DO NOT PANIC DO NOT PANIC.....lets use our beautiful brains here for a second. going to say this again and remind everyone. Quarantine round 2 OK FINE !! i know FL got caught pumping the numbers up. so its political and we know all know which side this is. here is the BEAUTY of this. Planes on the ground, Colleges empty NHL NFL MLB NBA Stadiums empty , cars in drive way , bars restaurants clubs empty, and a few more i cant think of ....This is not forever. OPE C deal ends 8/1/20 we should start drilling again , If anyone has DD on that let me know My brain is shot from today and i want to do NOTHING. this stretching like a rubber band and its bye bye bitches. My position is 140k shares. I am a short Bias trader who Shorts the F out of EVERYTHING. This is one of the rare stocks I have been holding overnight because of common sense. this opportunity will not come again. buy more , DO NOT PANIC. look at $GUSH
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