$XSPA I know a lot of you thought about this, but truly think about the potential with this company. This is the beginning. The very beginning and we are at $1.87, currently as I type this. We have two airports that are doing passenger testing right now. ONLY TWO. We are going after 60 or more airports. Now, think about this here... When we get testing down pat for any type of airborne virus thrown our way, and get that testing down within seconds, or minutes. There were 233 million international passengers in 2017. Just take $10 as a surcharge on tickets and we're over two billion in a year. This has STUPID potential to become a bigger giant than you can possibly imagine. Am I dreaming big? No...not really. That's just INTERNATIONAL travel. Imagine if XpresCheck is at EVERY airport eventually, as smaller airports will want in on this too. This company, if it continues down the path it's on now, will truly be one of those needle in a haystack companies you don't want to miss out on.
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