$VXRT there's a good chance MMs will be working their butts off to pull this back AH and premarket, or just after open--it's worth potentially 10s/100s mills to them. don't freak out unless there is bad news on any of the trials we haven't heard about yet. today 11:30 to 12:30 showed the speed this can show if the brakes are off . . . and IF the news is good. just BTW: is this fascinating to watch, or what? VXRT, IBIO, CAPR, CODX . . . this is a war for control of next-gen techs. not going to say watching has been worth the ticket price because i feel like i've been punched in the face about 50 times and kicked in the n*ts about 32 times the past 3 months. but this is a hell of a show. this is capitalism and technology. it's f*****g intense.
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