$AVGR Dilution brought this down. The company arranged two offerings with Aegis in August. One at .47 cents and one at .38 cents per share. It's likely that what Aegis did is, upon the FDA news, they selected to exercise 1 million shares at .47, and 2.3 million shares at .38 cents. So now they've got a few million cheapies in their pocket (which unfortunatelly for daytraders and swing traders, meant the price was pulled back from its high in the .50s) **UNLESS THERE IS ANOTHER OFFERING -which is completely possible seeing how Avinger has done 6 of them this year ** the price should gradually rise next week. But I think it'll need news (say, a huge order of their Ocelaris next gen product) for this to take off. And who knows how long it'll be before that happens - and what bullsht the management pulls ahead of that ala R/S or, as I previously mentioned, another offering..
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