$SPY you see, being rode on the back of the tech heavies ofc, were all the high flyers and unheard of sub 10$ per share entities they pumped 1000%+. Even with TSLA they priced in 30 to 40 years of future growth at its highs. I believe they knew, know and figured how fucked all fundamentals are; they simply rallied the market above previous ath to allow a better liquidation of all other holdings enjoying the ride up through the indicies on the back of the tech heavies all while establishing a proper, and higher entry short for the leg down. They priced 20+ years of growth into stocks you have never heard of and will never see their previous ath, ever; and liquidated it on all of you. You just held there bags allowing them to sell stocks to you at their future inflated prices 20 years from now. They didn't sell at a loss, but higher than pre crash and entered short at a price 2 decades forward. They never lose a dime. You are fucked.
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