$SRNE I've said it before & I'll say it again! A lot of people will loose money buying HIGH and then having FOMO selling during these dips. Take advantage of these low prices. This is just the beginning of a STRONG ride. Take a look at their pipeline not just one DRUG or two. We have a STRONG pipeline. Just look at IMMU it was trading under $4 & today GILEAD announced that they will be buying them out! Its trading at $44 watch MONDAY. My point is you don't become rich from BIO stocks overnight it takes time. Science takes patience it takes a lot of work I rather have them put in months of work before rushing & getting declined. Weak hands will sell & I'll keep buying currently holding 4500 shares & def not SELLING. A LOT of stocks start at low prices & slowly climb up. NO stock on the market goes up people will sell for gains or loss. GOOD LUCK to ALL THE LONGS or someone who's BUYING in MONDAY morning.
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