$FCEL $BLDP $PLUG Why would the orange moron go to these states, he hates them because they are Dem states and so-called "Never Trumpers". He will never mention Global Warming or Climate Change and he will just blame the governments for not doing enough forestry, then he will cut funding to pay for tax cuts for the rich. He couldn't care less about anyone but his own family or people who fund his personal political and business goals. This is as real as it gets and nobody wants to hear from a hoexster, conspiracy theory, science basher who will just make some kind of grand statement about how we just need to let the fires burn and then we will no longer have to worry about those pesky forests anymore, make Chump golf courses out of them and the world will be better off with giant billboards with his name and huge orange mug across the skyline...It's time to take these issues seriously,"Blame and Denial" isn't a perpetual plan for anything. cnbc.com/2020/09/12/fires-i...
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