$TCON almost 200% return now folks. Still strong and if u had waited like some suggest u would have missed it all together. 16500 investment only weeks ago is now almost 50k 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m sure the haters have opinions but opinions don’t pay the bills now do they. 50k sure does though. For you big investors 165000 weeks ago is now just under half a million in your bank and climbing. I’m sure the others u pay and follow get u the same type of gains right? Lol best part I’m free no paid discord’s no paid classes no monthly fee just the highest accuracy and roi period. U can get my buy alerts free live to your phone in real time exactly as I myself buy after the stock has reached my very specific criteria by clicking my avatar (the circle beside this message with the green dollar sign) it will take u to my page look for “notify me of posts” u need the stocktwits phone app to do so🤝 $ABIO $GENE $AIM $BCRX $SINT $LCA $SPAQ $IBIO $ADMA $WKHS
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