$ABIO so remember u wake up and news is released and it’s running $8-$9-$12 great but news usually follows these type of after hours moves within days so don’t get shaken out early because smart money will eat up your shares and take the run for themselves. Again block out the noise including me. Block out trolls and scared shorts and use your logic not your emotions. This hit $22 per share recently right? And the capital raise was at $9 per share and a direct offering meaning only institutions and accredited investors were allowed to buy and they do not buy unless they see it much much higher. IND is any day but that’s not even the icing on the cake. Fda approval will quickly follow and u could see a absolutely violent move upwards here meaning anything under $9 where the smart money bought is a major discount and will still give a very big return just like I told them at $ALT before it ran to $30. Have a good night everyone god bless and see you tomorrow 🤝
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