$EROS So much for that Apple news but I think we have a bit longer to wait for anything like that. Although I own less of Eros than my peak I still own a fair chunk of Eros at various prices but just because I own 000’s at a cost of -1.30 it does not mean I didn’t lose thousands of potential gains by not selling at $4 or even $3 for crocs sakes. The idea is to buy low and sell higher, not buy high and keep buying as it drops ffs. I have nothing good to say at this point so I’ve been silent but to read the comments coming out of Guys like Steve the Bull for the last year I must say it leads me to believe that Guy is seriously in the hole and wonder how the Dude keeps bullishly talking about how this is always the new bottom and buying more? Eventually most bulls get it right, they just might lose 90%+ of the capital first. Best of luck to all longs including Steve. Bullish long term. 🧐
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