$IBIO $IBIO Part 6 of 11 – The story behind the making of a great company. 5/8/20 - iBio received permission from the USDA to grow transiently modified tobacco on a field in Texas aphis.usda.gov/brs/data/pha... 6/2/20 & 6/16/20, IBIO Inc and IBIO CDMO LLC file applications for Government Services Account (sam.gov/SAM/pages/public/sa... and enter Cage code 6pz26 and 7TXF7 respectively) 6/4/20 - iBio Announces Second COVID-19 Vaccine Program 6/4/20 Texas A&M university releases a video and at location 19:20 watch as the interviewee MAKES A MISTAKE and says, "BARDA has funded" and quickly corrects himself and says "is looking at funding us". youtube.com/watch?v=46os3aZ... Looks like the cat is out of the bag! 6/7/20- Texas A&M University System And iBio, Inc. Execute Joint Development Agreement For Plant-Produced Pharmaceuticals biospace.com/article/releas... 6/17/20 45 Million Equity Distribution Agreement with UBS (fintel.io/doc/sec-ibio-ibio...)
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