$NFLX I used to work at an upscale beach resort. 2015. The clothes that girls as young as 5 would wear there to the pool and just walking around were inappropriate. Im talking thongs, very skimpy 2 piece bikinis, Hot pink. Sometimes the mother and/or sisters all matched. If you people want something to be outraged about, why dont you take on the clothing industry? Have you seen the Short Shorts all the preteens are wearing nowadays? Why do they even make shorts that short? Their attitudes are the real problems, why are they twerking anyway, because they saw it on rap videos. Twerking started in Atlanta strip clubs afaik. Why do they think they can do it? Because their parents never beat them. Their teachers told them they were unique and special, Their friends told them they were pretty and beautiful. I say beat all the little girls and give them nun uniforms. Or declare Sharia law and make them cover up their sinful flesh. May Allah strike them down for that shameful twerking
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