$SPY Because of the Trade War that Trump started. America started standing up for themselves. China wanted to retaliate and let us know what's up... but nobody really wants a world war.... So this is a "cold" war (haha the cold, like a virus lolz). But for real. This is a way to show that they can fuck us up without bullets. The news and relationships surrounding Us/China is pretty damning evidence.... Trump needs to stay in office and keep pushing the trade war. They need to cave in or the world needs to stop dependence on them. They are getting cocky and the CCP are truly truly awful.... Chinese have invested heavily into the US real estate market and trust and believe they bought the dip when the stock market crashed. You can actually find people speaking mandarin talking about timing the market and when to buy during trump speeches. These people are very smart, manipulative and will do whatever it takes to come out on top.
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