$SPY covid is a scam. I’ve had it all week and absolutely nothing happened.
$SPY The current death rate from this virus for the last few months consistently have us on track to lose about the same number of American lives per year than this country lost in all of nearly 4 years of the biggest war ever of World War II. But Trump says we are turning the corner? No event in history will cost more American lives other than the Civil War. This is Trump's legacy as he owns it for lying to the American public telling us that this virus is a minor problem under control which is a"hoax" that will just go away on it's own when the weather warms while at the same time telling and acknowledging to Woodward and others in private that the virus is extremely contagious and deadly. Trump owns these deaths encouraging Americans to gather in large groups maskless and open too early and not social distance. Since when is being responsible for more American deaths than any other president in history making America great? More like making America dead!
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