$PLTR is like investing in a psychic that can take some information about you & use it to predict all your future outcomes. Before Palantir you had this info in your head... * Wife seems distant * Spending lots of time on work trips * Posting on Instagram You probably found a lot of this data on $GOOG or her $FB page where she just commented on her new friend Sven's latest pic. (He's just a work friend, stop!) Of course you don't know what to think because Google couldn't ANALYZE the FB data for accuracy & you're only human: "Sven's not even that good looking, right?" Palantir, on the other hand, told you what's up: "OUTCOME: She's leaving you in 2022. RECOM. ACTION: Break up first & cut emotional losses short in 2021!" Wow, Palantir just saved you lots of time & money using tech they used to track down Osama. Now imagine what it'll do for enterprises predicting: * Business outcomes * Stock prices before they trade * Terrorist attacks & end of world scenarios * Space travel
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