$KTOV @Blasance @MLBNEWS2012 @DigiRati when SPACs are used, they need to have enough market cap generated through the IPO for the acquisition. So the SP of the acquiring company needs to be at a certain price based on the SPAC's market for it to work. This is generated by the running 30 day SP of ktov, for ex. Do you think they were the one mainly responsible for the shorting? Is this considered insider trading? Qm I wrong in my analysis of the SPAC? 2nd question, @Blasance , you mention 3:1 LLY shares plus cash. I am confused how the payout to the SPAC and for ktov shareholders. You indicated the BO price could be more than the 1.1B. Say the BO price was 2.2B. Would the ratio of the share exchange change or would it be a combination of cash and shares? Sorry to keep asking weird questions. The numbers are starting to confuse me a bit which is rare.
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