$DNN Strongly bullish in the long term Their Phoenix project: An estimated average operating cost (not all-in sustaining cash cost) of 4,33 CAD per pound U3O8 for the ISR mining method of their Phoenix deposit (well advanced project), while they have cashinflow from the McClean Lake Mill (22,50% ownership) and their managment services to Uranium Participation. 4,33CAD/pound versus a spot price around 30$/pound, while the average global sell price globally needed to incentive new projects sits above 50$/pound! Phoenix ramp up planned in 2024, Gryphon ramp up planned in 2030 And they have a stake in Fission Uranium Corp en Goviex Uranium This could easily go back above 1$ before the big jump of the entire uranium sector in the longer term. The only thing needed now is the discovery of this company by a broader investors community. Give it some time