$TMDI Enterprise technology investments in surgical robotics just mentioned in Medtronic call by the CEO. "The goal is to be #1", said the CEO. "We have to be bold." Inorganic growth is coming in where we don't have or are behind as in robotic surgery like spine (purchase of Mazor), soft tissue robotics (ie. Titan), etc. Hybrid models are what we are working on (Titan is one of their hybrid models). Soft tissue robotics is a key focus (and Titan is their partner in this even though he did not call them out in name). The CEO of Medtronic keeps saying "like we did in spine" we will invest in robotics. Mazor is the model of what they will do in robotics so Titan is key for them. "We like our portfolio, he said." Growth is key for them. Very Bullish in Titan.
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