$ATOM A friend of mine that already owns just under 5% of the stock, boughtb50k shares today. Spoke post close and I asked him, still confident? Response, "I don't care whether it is 9 or 12, I think it may be the next Qualcomm. He is worth at least $100m and amassed much of it from being an early stage investor in numerous tech companies. Doesn't mean he is right, but I promise you he has done far more work on the name with his team, than most of us here. If I didn't already own it, I'd be an aggressive buyer on any retracments like today. I've now talked to two investors who know this company better than most anyone and together, they own nearly 1m shares combined. Both remain steadfast in their conviction that this is possibly ultimately a $100 stock. Do what you need to do, but the reality here is that the risk is about $1.50 max and the reward perhaps $90 plus. Doesn't get much better on Wall Street than that.
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