$TNDM $LINK.X Disclaimer: May be the most pointless 51 second read of 2020 or create a life for ONE of you that simple you would not have. If it creates income stream for ever one, worth my typing. Anyone annoyed with link? I can for real understand, and can see how or why to a degree. I’m not Ollie the optimistic bull who’s about to get steamrolled. I have a laundry list of these but best i could find after like 1 full hour digging through years of transcripts lol, but not a joke. This. Does this happen? No ignorance here. POINT: i watched this get suckered, steamrolled, controlled and beat up like a bih from 9-14 and back again for a while. leave your emotions in wall street where everything else is on the way down. Don’t do that here, nor there if I’m being true and not goofing. Bullish