$DPHC Feel like the board is filled with people encouraging other people to stay and “know what you own.” Bruh. Y’all are grown people (hopefully) with your own money. You wanna leave.... ✌🏼 you wanna stay.... welcome. It’s like a constant state of begging that is annoying. If you don’t believe RIDE will do what they claim, roll on to a stock that will. Understand that this ticker will not move until the Firms allow it. They are the multimillionaires and their network controls stock movement. I’m in since $13 and am not going anywhere because I’ve done my Due Diligence. There is no doubt in my mind, which is why the daily or even weekly doesn’t concern me. But, if you rely on someone else’s homework for trading your hard earned money, then you should be in mutual funds and not individual stock trading.
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