Actually, there has not been a lot of opposition to prop 22. I think nurses association have been 1 semi-major assoc. against it but no one else is fighting it. Basically, politicians believed that something had to be done to prevent $LYFT and $UBER from taking advantage of drivers, but no politician is taking a strong stand to actually prevent prop22 from passing. As a San Francisco resident, the “yes on prop 22” is the most common political advertisement. And you probably know that MADD recently declared their support for prop 22. Anyway, prop 22 will most likely pass, we’ll make a nice profit from it and drivers will continue to be screwed.
@kvorca been saying this, just for california allowing lyft to continue operations when they weren’t in compliance in august popped this thing from 25 to 31 in the same day. BUT do we actually believe prop 22 will pass? It has large opposition, unless I’m just seeing a lot of liberal propaganda.
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