$EVC looks like Angelo Gordon has manipulated the stock doing puts/calls on over a million shares last week or so. I had written cfo several e-mails 1-3 years ago telling him and ceo that their digital strategy was waste of assets. Sure enough every single digital asset has been written down with about $35 million last year alone. Ceo and cfo at EVC are clueless. I still have e-mails where cfo promised me a reply within a day or so and never responded to a shareholder owning 1% of shares. They should have listened to me. This deal no different. Key employees always leave or get fired. Management has no clue on how to grow a business. Worst management in sector and always buy when cheap and sell when newbies think they have found gold. Sold remaining shares from 620,000 block at $2.10-$2.14 today. Monday will see if right or wrong. But booked well over $430,000 profit. Thanks Angelo Gordon.
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