$VXRT OKAY! Cool Down! I read second time the classaction.org/media/himme... My finding - On the negative hand: 1) Armistice Capital LLC are long-term investors in VAXART but they bought and sold 27 million shares within 1 month with a profit of more than 200 million. 2) The heading in the press release says ' Selected for OWS' but there was a subheading saying ' selected for participation on OWS in NHP' 3) Armistice has reduced its ownership from 32% to 0.2% after taking huge profits while SP skyrocketed. On the positive hand: 1) It's just a bogus lawsuit, the statement they are complaining about is not clear at all. They are constantly focusing on press releases. IMO if you are investing million dollars just by reading the title; you deserve to loose 2) Their Hamster report became wonderful. 3) Big pharma are in trouble seeing this small company growing. 4) They are the only oral pill vaccine research; if succeed- that will be destruction to the vaccine world. 5) FDA approval on IND.
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