$NVAX On my 10:01 snapshot of the minimal daily chart I note we are semi-deep back into the 7/6-7/7 gap up open range of $81.19/$95.50 marked by the horizontal red lines. With trade being down there so early and the news of Moderna likely having an impact, along with futures right now in a weakening trend I would not be surprised to see as move much closer to the gap bottom in the next couple days, or even today, but not THAT close to it today with the spread already this wide. N.B. Still long 12/4 $110 strike puts with a GTC order to sell @ $127 (VERY likely my offer to be dropped lower) assuming WORST case is we do go to the gap bottom and the delta grows rapidly. Actual expectation is I think a $124/5 sell is best I might get.