$NAK If you know ROD is imminent If you sense the US dollar is on the brink of collapse If you know mans' history of Gold in times past. This NAK play is an interesting one. Real Gold as a currency vs. Potential Gold as a stock yet developed. Our wealth is in the ground and will be extracted; especially if the above assumptions turn true. Question: Anyone care to opine about the state of NAK shares if: 1. US $ Collapses 2. Gold goes up in value 3. Turmoil means short term looks like the world is dying (at least to Americans as we loose faith in our currency). Ayn Rand fans know the $ is our symbol of productivity. Can a Stock-asset have value if the US dollar is worthless AND no one seems to be moving productivity forward because Americans begin to lament collapse and stop everything instead of moving forward... Fear stopping American progress. Comments?
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