$SRNE Having a lot of fun reading SRNE posts and sipping my wine! I see Hindenburg foot soldiers with accounts created tomorrow, LOL. Funny posts about having inside info. Let me tell you something. I started in Wall Street in 1989. I can say it now, I used to have "privileged information" on certain stocks (there wasn't a Chinese Wall back then). I don't know of anyone that would spill inside information in a public forum. Why? Nobody would risk going to prison. If anyone knew something they would quietly buy shares or options. Don't listen to those fools posting they know someone inside SRNE. I also read some angry posts saying Ji is a scam artist and he should be put in jail just because another company had a test approved. So what? I bought SRNE for covid cocktail, cancer and pain drugs, the tests came much later; that won't be the big money maker. Also, Smartpharm, Mayo and the institutions all got scammed by Ji? He has to be the greatest scam artist of all time... Hilarious!
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