$XERS I've been following this thread for quite sometime now. A few recent things I have noticed that have me considering it a good opportunity; They have a great product with growing sales in gvoke, they have amazing technology that has the ability to change storage/shelf life of certain drugs, their pipeline, their balance sheet, the 70+% institutional ownership, the recent conversion of the convertible notes (majority of conversions 6mo after issuance, xeris didn't have to use cash to pay off some of this debt, Edicks recent conference with David Steinberg from Jeffries (in which he mentions a newly acquired partner), a Morningstar FMV of $9+/sh (FMV doesn't include pipeline or potential partnerships), and list can continue on. They have been able to prove they can create products, get them to market and sell them effectively, while maintaining a fundamentally good balance sheet in a global pandemic. The parnters and pipeline are speculation currently, but the potential is there.
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