$TRNX People, the $165M Turkey deal is a farce. Taronis announced it 16 months ago as a deal with TA Grup in Turkey. But TA Grup was just Taner Ay, a Turkish social media personality who was paid $500k by Taronis. Then Taner dropped out in Nov 2019 but a new "deep pocket" company was supposed to step in as the buyer. Scott said he would make everything clear in a few weeks from last November but he didn't. Now the deal has TRNF as the seller and a shell company started by Taronis in Turkey as the buyer. It's a BS deal. Taronis has a 13 year history of announcing similar BS deals to trick investors into believing there's demand for their Magnegas gasification. Then Taronis dilutes. 100M more shares were added just today. Watch out. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Scott and the Santillis are penny stock crooks. They really are. Taronis is a dilution scheme. The fraud from Taronis' fake announcement of a contract with San Diego last year should show you what they do.
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