$TTCF Here is some insight to Kerrisdale Capital's CIO, Sahm Adrangi. Aug 2016. Cocaine, DUI, Car Wreck cnbc.com/2016/08/15/hedge-f... April 2016. They went short on SAGE. To date, it's up 91% since they post. At its peak, q4 of 2019 it was up 450%. Jan 2017. They shorted Straight Path Communications. Jan 31 the closing price was $35. Its final trading day was Feb 27 2018 and it closed at $183. July 2017..VSAT. They shorted July 2017 at $64. It sat flat for 2 years then peaked at $74 in 2020 prior to Covid. March 2019. IRTC. They shorted again. They stock price was $75. It is trading at $225 today. Jan 23 2019. Sahm claims that Qualcomm's stock will shrink in half. See photo attached, its actually up 187% fr.reuters.com/article/us-q... I could do this again and again. If you see a pattern here, the stocks do completely opposite. So I welcome Kerrisdale Capital to short any stock I own. I am going to send them a gift basket.
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