$ACI - I am no expert here but The reason I chose ACI is because of the Allergy19 situation plus this is a very safe stock. Now ask yourself this question if you are someone with $ 10 or 20 Millions in trading accounts... where would you go to find weak hands that want safe return on investment? ACI is a perfect target and play for ALGO MM... Look up the patterns and the QT release... it freaking dropped after earnings?! are you kidding me?! I've lost 4 opportunities that would make over $60KS because?! I played wall to safe! What's a safer stock? Recession proof? Black Swan Event Proof? 64% Subs gain year-after-year? Look at ROKU NFLX ... You need $FUBO! Do not take this message lightly. Please note I am coming from a good place. $FUBO is only at $23.60 PPS and that's about $7.89 higher than ACI. FUBO would be $30 By end of the year... $50 by QT1 2021 When is ACI gonna be at $16?! Time is money!
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