$SPXU , $SDOW , $SRTY To @TheChartiste & anybody else who may be interested: I said I'd submit some KST charts (for those who aren't familiar with this indicator, it's Martin Pring's "Smoothed Rate of Change" momentum & price-trend oscillator (NOT "range-bound), explained by StockCharts at: school.stockcharts.com/doku... Yes, "Know Sure Thing" is a very "corny" name, in my opinion, for this EXCELLENT & VERY interesting indicator. That's why I refer to the indicator as "KST"...) The Chartiste & I have been discussing KST for a while. He's now probably MUCH more knowledgeable about this indicator than I am, although I've pored over TENS of thousands of KST charts, for years... I'll simply submit a number of KST charts, in the chronological order in which I saved them. The Chartiste doesn't chart 3x leveraged ETFs, & I respect his opinion, but maybe he'll cut me some slack for this demonstration. I'll let the charts talk for themselves. First, SPXU, 6 months daily, log scale: