$AAPL $MSFT $SPY $DJIA I think I figured out why Trump’s got such a dedicated base regardless of the lunacy and moronic actions. We have a lot of people in rural America who simply feel threatened, that their rural culture and way of life is somehow under assault by Democrats, just because of the natural pressure asserted by the progress of society. And Trump has sold himself as their Champion. Here’s the thing though... Democrats have no interest in destroying our food/energy producing sector in any way and there’s no rational reason to consider a born rich New Yorker as a champion of the small town people. The man is a disgrace to America, does not give two shits about our country brothers and sisters beyond their votes, and quite frankly, has sown more discord amongst Americans than even McCarthy. God help us if he doesn’t drop his attempted coup. I hope karma pays him a swift and strong visit.
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