$AAPL says developers earned over $200B since the App Store launched in 2008. B/n Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve, App Store customers spent $1.8B on digital goods which was driven largely by spending on games. Finally, Apple customers rang in the new year by setting a single-day spending record of over $540M on New Year’s Day. Some of Apple’s other services also had big years. For example, Apple Music had a record year — Apple says over 90% of iOS 14 listeners engaged with new features released in 2020, like Listen Now, improved search, personal radio stations and Autoplay. Further, engagement with Apple Music’s lyrics feature doubled in 2020. Apple’s TV app is now available on 1B+ screens & in over 100 countries and regions. As for Apple TV+, content on the platform received 149 awards nominations & 44 wins. Digital book-buying spiked in 2020 & Apple Books now has over 90M MAUs. 90% of stores in the US, 85% of stores in the UK, and 99% stores in Australia accept Apple Pay