$ENKS So, Enerkon will essentially be a revenue positive, substantial cash-on-hand SPAC with plans of uplisting and merging with a Defense company while acquiring patents and trademarks for... 1. Market disrupting Aluminum/Electrolyte Fuel Cell EV Battery with a 1500 Km range that can be swapped out in minutes and recycled. (Mid 2021) 2. A Fintech and AI Technology platform. 3. A Wireless handheld Police Taser which the merging company had 750K pre-orders for prior to merger. An aircraft, (UAV) which has a 3-axis firing capability, will be produced in US factories. 4. COVID-Shield PI, a new Pharmaceutical product and treatment currently in trials and then up for regulatory approvals. LINK TO PATENT APPLICATION uspto.report/TM/88933756 WHOA!!! I like them even more now. GLTA