$INTC You do know anyone can look in my history right? They can see where i said sell Intc at the end of 2019...here we are now... Youre making yourself look really ignorant. Analysts market wide use technical analysis in cohesion with option flow and news sentiment, and no one gets it right 100 percent of the time. Intc has some proving to do in which they havent provided any solutions to their major problems and have hemmoraged market share to competitors with late launches/paper launches, inferior product. The overall trend is down on the daily and until it breaks the major trendline which it failed to break and stay above today, ill hold appropriate positions. Albeit today was the closest i have seen it come to breaking trend in a while, which is why i swapped to a strangle with the cash from yesterdays puts. I guess your Screename fits. Keep playin that skinflute maybe someone will listen. Smh. Learn how to interpret market language before jumping bones dippy.
@Jwhitfi....$INTC....FYI folks, this dude using voodoo chart garbage is clueless. Posted this morning that chart was bad, stock bad. Just so you know he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.
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