$TSLA If these people really cared about the environment and really wanted to make a change, then they would be all in on Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Hydrogen fuel cell is the real future that they don't want to push because big money is behind Elon Musk and company. What a sad world we live in. EV's are a joke. Too bad it will take people too long to realize it. Does anyone who invests into Tesla understand they are making money off of CARBON CREDITS??? HAHAH WAHT A JOKE. WAIT TILL YOU FIND OUT HOW MUCH LITHIUM THEY DUMP INTO THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. When will the truth come out? Maybe it is just a matter of time. You think Elon cares about sustainability or being out there for his investors. No. He cares about what we are all after. Money. That's it. Fuel cell is the real deal, the question is whether or not it will ever get promoted by the media and get the money it needs to be fully adopted. I wonder what Saudi Arabia, Russia and all their oil is thinking about all of this... 🤔