$RIDE ⚡Lordstown Motors. January 10 update: • 80,000+ fleet pre-orders for the Endurance, the world's first full-size commercial pickup truck (2,800+ privately owned pre-orders as of January) • Beginning Endurance mass production in Q3 2021 • Mike Albert Fleet Solutions, a leading national fleet company, recently requested a "significant amount" on behalf of their clients (in addition to 80k+ pre-orders) • Designs in progress for an SUV, a mid-size pickup truck, and an RV (partnership with Camping World) • 6.2 million square foot production facility (from GM), capable of producing 600,000 vehicles per year • Government/military bulk orders in the near future following Endurance's pre-order closure (soon) • Partnered with GM: access to parts bins and will benefit from battery plants opening near Lordstown • Workhorse, Inc. relationship: Likely assisting Workhorse with manufacturing USPS delivery vehicles if Workhorse is awarded the partial/full contract $TSLA $GM $WKHS