$YOLO This chart is hiding a secret. You guys need to check this pattern out and "see what I mean". Ok here it is: If you see a stock with days that "POP OUT" on their opens of their normal SMA lines and quickly return back to them what is that telling you? It means people are placing big "BUY ORDERS" at market not caring what the COST is. What does that MEAN? That means they want to "GET INTO" the stock and dont care about price. GEE, why would someone do that????? Because they know it's gonna go up higher than they PAID!!! Don't believe me??? Check out all the charts I will link to this post and SEE for YOURSELVES!!! THIS is one of my "MILLION DOLLAR TRADING SECRETS!" And I gave it away for free because I'm a NICE GUY and want you all to get RICH$$$