$PLAY Look at $FUBO is all I have to say about why I am still holding some Dave & Buster's. I am not buying for the metrics of the last quarter nor any quarter where quarantines or stay at home is recommended. The traffic in these places has to feel like a ghost town, but if they follow through and make the sports-betting announcement then it should get the big surge too. If they dilly dally around, many investors might lose faith and just assume another big promise goes bye-bye. And yes, all the concerns about liquidity play a factor in risk. If they announce a capital infusion at the same time as the sports-betting they probably still trade higher. After all, the Robins and others now want to reward companies in many recent dilutive financings it seems. Anyhow, all transparency has been given an effort but I doubt that I will try to roll the contracts out again w/out news like I have done twice now since $25 or so. Still waiting, tick-tock.
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