$IRNT Not financial advice - do your own due diligence See the FINRA data on Volume Distribution till TODAY from the day $IRNT was born (chart below) With tradable public float of 1.17M Per FINRA data, today's - TRADED SHORT Volume was 2.5M - TRADED NAKED SHORT Volume was 85K - TRADED Volume was 4.8M SSR was active today (also yesterday) Today is Day 8 being on NYSE Threshold list (Reg SHO). Per regulation, once it reaches Day 13 (= 9/21) on Threshold list, FORCED COVERING is warranted. if shorting and failure to deliver continue to happen till 9/21, very likely. 9/17 is options expiry and quad witching day. Several calls are ITM already. Trades from ITM call exercising on Friday will need to "settle" on 09/22. Gamma Squeeze very likely, a true black swan event. I am selling 50% at $43. someone had below pt's Likely Guaranteed: $29 Likely: $40 If everything goes right: $135 If it matches other squeezes: $210 If it goes to the moon: $530 <-- (It's up to us!) Tonight $24.50