@Kornie7 @5timechamp @wha1e u miss the point .. selling at top or middle is all about luck and timing … I know stock market way better than anyone here but my timing sucks .. even with $CANO I comment 100 times more than u at $4.60 and made at least 100 people to buy in my Twitter and guess what ? I sold early and most of my followers sold today .. so I got my lesson about timing .. also did not I tell u sell $ENVX 26.25 while I short it ? I knew dump coming .. but again I took profit $21 and it went 18s again timing sucks but I knew the directions .. anyway it is silly to argue about this :) u are the only person I like most here and rest that Dennis guy or other ba charter are just a Amatures for me .. it was my bad let them to confuse my mind .. pass is past .. and glad u made fortune