$PYPL I would LOVE the volume to fall off a cliff. There is so much selling pressure right now from the BIG BOYS. realizing long term gains, or harvesting losses. We have obviously seen it in this name, Square, Visa, others. Today we saw it HUGE in the bloated SAAS names (Asana, NET, MDB, etc). We are seeing a slow rotation back to cyclical, the 10 year rising, value and reopening names catching a bid... and When there is billions in incentive fees at stake, you bet your butt they will be locking those in. So many winners for some of these TMT investors, no way they can risk the chance of seeing them correct 25-30% prior to the end of the year. With that said, I did love to see some other names get creamed today. not because folks lost money or that i bought the dip. but I think if we see those names correct, it takes the risk of a market melt down not off the table but less likely.
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