$VGAC I've decided to sell. I've been waiting too long and I'm already down 4% ... Yeah, I know this might fly in the future, but truth is I hate the wait when I have too much invested. 11$ is my TP. Selling 1K shares for 11$. Sell order in, now I'll just wait until it catches. Well, we all know it won;t go down - you all know that, right ?
@SPAC_Search Thank you. I am happy to see that you think so high of me and actually went and read my profile before writing back. I am flattered that someone as smart as you would even piss in my direction. SPACs are coming back - I agree, that's why I have plenty invested in $HEC and $SV, bought them both for about 9.9$. These are no brainers - if you have spare money. I simply have too much money in this one and it prevents me from playing elsewhere so 11$ it is. I hope for you guys that it will rise to 15$, just don't tell me about it. SPACs are a great play - usually risk free if you buy at the right time, but take a long time. BTW You want to see of my 50$ stocks from today ? So, take your condescending approach and stick it when the sun don't shine.